Do I Need To See A Counselor For Love Addiction?Love is beautiful and is to be enjoyed and not forced or imposed on an individual; it can be exciting but when not mastered and understood can lead to the ruin or even the destruction of and individual or people. The force that comes with love can sometimes be controlling and compelling and if you as an individual do not exercise self-control, you would end up as a victim of love addiction or obsession. A relationship can get to a stage where distrust, unreliability, disloyalty, and unfaithfulness become a norm and as a result, there is a breakup. We feel pain, loss and grief when a once delightful and happy relationship comes to an unintended and unexpected end, a times depression sets in and then the desperate quest to find the kind of love we have always painted or imagined in our heads begin – sometimes the rush and force exercised in this quest can be likened to that same that happens with a drug addict. You literally become possessed by that force and already created a mental picture – Some of the thoughts and actions that begin to reflect as a result of this addiction can be damaging and even sometimes deadly, in a bid not to fall into wrong hands because of this condition a counselor is highly recommended and needed.

A counselor helps you get back on your feet from all the hurts, grief and loss you must have experienced due to the toxic nature of the addiction as well as helping you focus on relationships that are of healthy and of positive benefits to you. Having and seeing a counselor would also help you know and identify events in your past that might have led to your present condition. For instance, research has sown that over 70% of love addiction or obsession condition is as a result of one of these;

You must also know that for a counselor to be able to proffer a solution or help you identify the cause of your problem, you also must be willing to be honest, open, and ready to get healed from your past. One of the reasons for openness when seeing a counselor is, he/she isn’t a magician that sees directly into your past, you have to give them access to your heart as well as valuable and useful information about yourself. Some of the very important aspects of counseling is the development of self-love, self-worth, healthy self-esteem. With all these qualities and more, you begin to gain the courage to repair relationships with family and friends, connecting with them in a healthier way as well as spending quality time with yourself. Overcoming and dealing with love addiction is a fight that is beyond you, you need a counselor who would bring you into the world of love for yourself and in turn for those who are around you.

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