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Licensed Sex Addiction & Porn Addiction Therapists, Betrayal Trauma & Betrayed Partner Counseling, Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery Counselors & Life Coaches, Providing Healing Therapy Solutions for Addiction, Emotional Trauma, Anxiety, Depression & More

 Serving Clients in Washington, California, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, Idaho, New York & Montana


If you or someone you care about is struggling with emotional trauma, depression anxiety, betrayal trauma, problems in their relationship or marriage, or is addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex or pornography, Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching experienced therapists are here to help.

Substance abuse, sex addiction and porn addiction, and betrayed partner trauma are excruciatingly painful for people who suffer from it, as well as for their families and loved ones. The good news is that there is a treatment protocol to help individuals stop destructive behavior and help families heal.

At Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching based out of our Main Office in Issaquah, Washington, we have extensive experience with sexual and pornography addiction treatment, as well as counseling for betrayed partners and impacted family members. We work with men and women in individual, couples, and group therapy settings. 

We provide our professional counseling, therapy and life coaching services in WashingtonAlaskaIdahoMontanaArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, New York and Hawaii as well as Eastern Washington and throughout King County, Western Washington, Puget Sound Region, and the Northwest including, Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Mercer Island, Medina, Woodinville, Edmonds, Lake Stevens, Bothell, Sammamish, Issaquah, Renton, Maple Valley, Kent, Burien, Tacoma, Everett, Lynnwood, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, GrahamSpanaway, Olympia, Lacey Bellingham, Vancouver Auburn, Kent, Federal Way, Bremerton, Marysville, Des Moines, Seatac, Camas, Orchards, Tumwater and Covington. 

The Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching Team Consists of Trauma Therapists, Addiction Counselors, substance abuse professionals, Certified Sex Addiction Therapists ( CSAT ), Betrayed Partner & Infidelity Therapists, and Life Coaches. Whatever you or a loved one is struggling with, our licensed therapists and counselors in WashingtonAlaskaIdahoMontanaArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, New York and Hawaii are here to help.

Sex & Pornography (Porn) Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction wreaks havoc on the lives it touches. Betrayed partners experience PTSD symptoms as their lives are torn apart upon their discovery of their partner’s sexual betrayal. For the one sexually acting out and cheating, there have been years of living a double life full of lies, secrets, and pain as they continue the behavior that is outside of their own values. Sex addiction feels like a bomb that goes off in a relationship.

Many people suffering from these types of emotional trauma ask, “How can we recover? Is there a way through this? Can he or she get help and stop acting out? Can our relationship survive this?”

There is a solution to sexual acting out and the trauma that comes from sexual betrayal. There is a treatment protocol for sex and porn addiction to help the person who has been sexually acting out, as well as a treatment protocol to help the betrayed partner heal the betrayal trauma wounds that occur due to the infidelity from this devastating addiction. There is also a treatment protocol to help the couple survive, heal, and even grow to the point of vulnerability, truth, trust, and real emotional intimacy. Our highly educated and experienced sex addiction, porn addiction, betrayed partner, infidelity betrayal trauma, marriage and family therapists offer a process and hope for a better tomorrow in your life and relationships.

Meet Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching President and Executive Director Heidi Kinsella LMHC, SUDP, CSAT-S, CPTT-S, CMAT, CCPS, EAMHP

Hope is Just One Call Away!

Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching Counselors and Therapists are licensed, experienced and here to help and answer any questions you may have about recovery from addiction, substance abuse, betrayal trauma, family, couples & marriage counseling, sex or porn addiction, 12 Step recovery, depression, anxiety, stress, emotional abuse, emotional or childhood trauma, and much more.
Contact Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching at 425-652-1690 

Expert Professional Online & In Person Counseling & Therapy for Sex & Pornography Addiction, Substance Abuse, depression, anxiety, addiction, alcoholism and Betrayed Partner, Infidelity & Betrayal Trauma Counseling
Seattle, Tacoma and Kirkland WA professional counseling and therapy for sex and pornography addiction, betrayed partners, childhood trauma and betrayed partner trauma substance abuse

Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Betrayal Trauma Counseling & Therapy

Based out of Issaquah Washington, Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching provides experienced, professional, secure online counseling in the states of WashingtonAlaskaIdahoMontana
ArizonaCaliforniaNew York and Hawaii.

At Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching, our completely private and secure remote video conferencing for counseling, therapy and coaching has enabled Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching to help many more people in remote areas of WashingtonAlaskaIdahoMontanaArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, New York and Hawaii .

We been providing online therapy for years and have perfected both individual counseling and group therapy processes online.

Licensed Therapists in Washington, California, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana,
New York & Arizona

Intensive Retreats and Workshops - Women's workshop for Partner Trauma at Fourth Dimension Healing Ranch in Maple Valley, WA.

This intensive retreat will features Carol Juergensen Sheets book, Unleashing Your Power: Moving Through the Trauma of Partner Betrayal, to life. This intensive will take you through the three phases of betrayal trauma treatment: Safety and stabilization, working through anger, grief and mourning and restoration of self with posttraumatic growth.

In addition to counseling, therapy and coaching for sex addiction, betrayed partners and betrayal trauma, we offer unique workshops & Intensive Retreats at Fourth Dimension Healing Ranch in Maple Valley, WA. 

These intensives are set in a rural setting and designed for clients to interact with each other, nature and horses and offer many experiential therapeutic opportunities.

  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Psychoeducation and interactive group work both indoors and at the firepit with smores
  • Sound bath
  • Meditation workshop
  • Mindfulness nature walks
  • Art Room
  • Lunch, dinner and snacks included daily
  • If you are local, you can drive in or stay at the many Airbnb and hotels nearby

Reclaim YOURself After Betrayal:

A Healing Retreat

Begin Again Institute in Berthoud, Colorado
Saturday, June 15, 2024 – Thursday June 20, 2024 

A collaborative betrayal trauma healing intensive retreat offered by Fourth Dimension Counseling, Begin Again Institue, and Laurie Hall. This intensive retreat is designed for anyone who is looking to Reclaim themselves on the way to creating a life you really love.

Join Us In Colorado For Our Upcoming Betrayed Partner and Betrayal Trauma Healing Retreat!

Begin Again Institute betrayal trauma healing retreat intensive workshop for betrayed partners of sexual compulsivity, sex and porn addiction and infidelity


Intensive Retreats at Fourth Dimension Healing Ranch:
Fourth Dimension Counseling | Fourth Dimension Healing Ranch Intensive Retreats Counseling Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy at Fourth Dimension Healing Ranch

Equine Assisted Therapy and Intensive Retreats at Fourth Dimension Healing Ranch in Maple Valley Washington

Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching is a Preferred Provider in the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Patient Care Network

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Working in collaboration, we can ensure that the patients we collectively serve receive the right level of behavioral health care, in the right setting, and at the right time—enhancing their likelihood of long-term recovery. This is the spirit and mission of the Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network.

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Addiction Treatment, Counseling, Therapy and Life Coaching Services

Kirkland Group therapy counseling for substance abuse and addiction people in 12 step recovery
Couples counseling and trauma therapy in Seattle Tacoma and Kirkland Washington, Bellevue, Redmond and Maple Valley
What We Treat at Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching

Our therapists, counselors and life in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and Hawaii are licensed, certified and experienced in helping individuals and couple’s dealing with serious trauma and emotional challenges including:

Substance Abuse, Substance Use Disorder, Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment, Counseling, Trauma Therapy and Recovery Coaching

The Counselors and Therapists at Fourth Dimension Counseling know about drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorder. Most of the Therapists and Counselors at Fourth Dimension Counseling are in long-term recovery themselves and experienced in what it takes to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. We offer counseling, therapy and 12-Step Coaching for recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Couples Counseling, Therapy and Coaching

Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching Services

At Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching we provide a variety of counseling and coaching options including individual and group therapy and counseling for both men and women as well as couples counseling and coaching services. 

Based out of Issaquah, WA.  we provide services throughout Washington State including King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County and Eastern Washington.  including Spokane. We serve clients in the states Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and Hawaii with our counseling and coaching services online through a secure private connection. We have licensed therapists and counselors in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and Hawaii so we are experienced at providing quality, effective counseling, therapy and life coaching solutions via remote video conferencing for individual, group and couple counseling and coaching. 

Individual & Group Counseling, Therapy and Coaching for Sex & Pornography Addiction

Counseling, Coaching & Therapy for Betrayed Partners of Sex Addicts, Infidelity & Partner Trauma.

Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching Service Areas

Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching is licensed counselors and therapists in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and Hawaii. Our Main Office is located in Issaquah, Washington, however, most of our individual, group, and couples counseling and trauma therapy is done online via HIPPA compliant private and secure remote video-conferencing counseling, therapy, and coaching throughout Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, New York and Hawaii. We also provide counseling and coaching services to clients throughout Western Washington and Puget Sound including Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Kirkland,  Redmond, Woodinville, West Seattle, Bothell, Sammamish, Issaquah, Woodinville, Renton, Maple Valley, Bremerton, MarysvilleKent, Tacoma, Olympia, Lacey, Burien, Mill Creek, Gig Harbor, University Place, Longview, Parkland, Graham, Spanaway, Puyallup, Vancouver, Federal WayBainbridge Island, Whidbey Islandand Covington.

Give us a call if we can help.  425.652.1690

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Remote Video Conference Counseling Available with Licensed Therapists, and Coaching with Certified Life Coaches in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and California

Life Coaching

Life Coaching life coach in Seattle Tacoma Kirkland Washington And also Alaska and Hawaii

In addition to licensed trauma therapists and counselors, we also have certified Life Coaches on Staff. Learn more about Life Coaching Services and read about Life Coaching vs Counseling or Therapy.

Give Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching a call to speak with a qualified therapist or life coach, to discuss counseling or life coaching options and what may best work for you in your unique situation.  

Hope… Is Just One Call Away! 425-652-1690

Couples Counseling & Relationship Intimacy Coaching
Couples Therapy Relationship Counseling with sex and pornography addiction and betrayed partners of infidelity in Seattle, Tacoma and Kirkland Washington

Remote Video Conference Counseling, Coaching & Trauma Therapy

We are based out of Issaquah near Seattle, WA. We are licensed therapists in the states of  Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and Hawaii. We were doing video conference counseling, therapy and coaching long before Covid-19 came along and we are experienced at remote, secure, online video counseling, therapy and life coaching.

We have perfected the remote counseling and coaching via secure video conference for individuals, couples and group counseling for sex, pornography addiction, betrayed partners of infidelity and partner betrayal counseling, emotional trauma, substance abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction counseling, love and relationship addiction, couples counseling, self-esteem issues, codependency, family of origin work, emotional abuse recovery, young women’s issues, depression, anxiety and stress.

If you live in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York and Hawaii, and are looking for trauma counseling or help with substance abuse, addiction, betrayed partner trauma or sex and pornography addiction, we may be able to help with our online therapy and coaching services. 

Our remote video conferencing counseling and coaching has enabled Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching to help many more people in remote areas Give us a call if we can be of help at 425-652-1690. 

Tacoma Individual sex and porn addiction treatment, counseling and therapy, betrayal trauma, betrayed partner and infidelity counseling therapist

Here Are A Few Testimonials From Counseling, Therapy and Coaching Clients

Men's Sex & Pornography Addiction Group Counseling

Mens Group therapy and counseling for sex and pornography counseling and emotional trauma in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma and Mercer Island


Individual Sex & Pornography Counseling and Trauma Therapy

Couples and Family Trauma Therapy and Counseling

Couples trauma and betrayed partner counseling and relationship r marriage therapy in Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond Tacoma and Mercer Island
Counseling, Therapy and Coaching for Betrayed Partners
Serving Northwest Clients from Seattle, Everett, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Tacoma in person at our Issaquah, office or online with our private, secure online counseling system.
Sex and Pornography addiction counseling and treatment for addicts, betrayed partners, Family members and couples, healing childhood trauma with licensed therapist in Seattle, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Redmond and Maple Valley, WA.

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Emotional Abuse Recovery Counseling and Coaching

emotional abuse and trauma counseling therapy and coaching

Online Counseling and Coaching Available for Central and Eastern Washington Clients

Central and Eastern Washington Counseling Trauma Therapy Life Coaching Ellensburg Wenatchee Yakima Spokane Tri-Cities Kennewick Pasco Richland Walla Walla WA.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling & Trauma Therapy in Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, New York, Alaska & Hawaii

Fourth Dimension Counseling substance abuse counseling substance use disorder help therapy for drugs and alcohol or alcoholism Seattle Tacoma Bellevue Kirkland WA
Substance Abuse Counseling, substance use disorder trauma therapy and coaching for alcoholism and drug addiction recovery in Spokane WA

If you have a problem with drug addiction or alcoholism, or if you are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict seeking outside help, Click the following link to learn more about Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery for Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

Expert Online Counseling, Trauma Therapy and Life Coaching Services throughout Washington, California, New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana & Arizona

Counseling and Therapy Service Areas

Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching has experienced, licensed therapists, counselors and life coaches serving clients the following states:

Read about all of Fourth Dimension  Counseling Service Areas throughout Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Colorado, Arizona, New York and Montana.

Counseling and Therapy Services

Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching Clinical Director Heidi Kinsella LMHC, SUDP, CSAT, CPTT, CMAT, CCPS Talks About Trauma Therapy

At Fourth Dimension Counseling and Coaching we provide a variety of counseling, therapy and life coaching options including individual and group therapy and counseling for both men and women as well as family, couples and relationship counseling, therapy and life coaching services. 

There are many types of trauma an individual may experience in their life. We offer counseling and therapy for a variety of types of trauma from emotional trauma, and emotional abuse to betrayal trauma from infidelity or trauma related to partners of sex or pornography addiction, or substance abuse.

Hope... Is Just One Call Away! 425-652-1690

Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Therapist Heidi Kinsella LMHC, SUDP, CSAT-S, CPTT-S, CMAT, CCPS, EAMHP Talks About Sex Addiction & Betrayed Partner Recovery

What Is Sex Addiction?

What Is Betrayal Trauma?

Trauma Therapy & Counseling for Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse and Betrayed Partners

Marriage, Family & Couples Counseling

Sex Addiction Is An Intimacy Disorder

Emotional Abuse Trauma Therapy

Sex addiction & Porn addiction Counseling & Therapy - Shame and a Pathway to Recovery

Betrayed Partner Trauma, Sex & Porn Addiction - Men vs Women