Effective Therapy with Young Women Ages 14 – 17

Written by Rebecca Waterston, MA, LMHCA, CDPT, CSAT-Candidate Fourth Dimension Counseling

Teenage young women are today faced with a myriad of options in life that young women previous to the Millennials generation had not dealt with. What that means in simple terms is that these young women can get information at the touch of a button, connect with their friends in an instant on ever-growing social media apps, and can be in touch via text to their friends throughout the day. These young people easily see what their peers are doing outside of school or work.
The nature of social media is, of course, self-promotion…and unknown to them….advertising to them to become a consumer.

Whose body is better looking and sexier…with models, social media stars and celebrity bodies as the perfection standard for comparison…celebrities who can spend nearly unlimited money on hair extensions, breast augmentation, waist whittling liposuction, lip enhancement and so much more.

The bar is raised to absolute perfection unlike any time before.

Young Woman in Trauma Therapy with Counselor
Young Woman in therapy with Counselor in Seattle

There is little need to even mention how much damage on-line bullying is doing to teenagers today…oftentimes causing them and their families to move or to change schools to get away from the taunting and downright meanness.
Other pressures include sex as a very real possibility in high school, or for some, even in middle school. For many of the young women I have worked with, that has not been their choice, but they still are surrounded by close friends who are in these relationships. In fact, they are exposed to emotional and physical abuse by partners at a terribly young age, and at times feel sad or scared for a friend who is dealing with that…but who believes her value lies in having a boyfriend, no matter what is going on between them. These young women are hungry for real and deep connection, for being loved for themselves, appreciated for their uniqueness. Uniqueness however can be a curse at an age when “belonging” is portrayed as the most important aspects of life.

Young Woman in trauma therapy with Counselor in Kirkland Washington

In therapy, I have found that these teen girls feel more stressed out, much more anxious, self-critical, depressed and confused than ever before. It is an area in which assurance of their desirability has to extend to their personality, their intelligence, their common sense, their emotional intelligence, their kindness and consideration of others, and their understanding of life is much, much needed. Providing affirmation of their uniqueness as a trait, which while perhaps not as valued now, will be a very important value for them as they grow older and peers begin to grow into the adults they will soon be. They need to know that the real goals they have are not wasted. Helping them gather tools to understand what they choose to believe in, what safety boundaries they will set around themselves, how to better organize themselves in work or their study load, how to view their relationships with their parents, even while parents may be going to a tough time such as divorce, addiction. They need to learn how to not own what is not their burdens to carry.

They need to learn negotiation skills that use adult skills as they learn to let go of less effective methods of communication. They need to know that someone is in their corner and finds them amazing, unique and valuable human beings. Someone to walk alongside them who expects nothing but to listen, to carefully make suggestions, to share some experiences they, or another of their nameless clients had and how it turned out for them.
I value being that person for young women. I find them delightful, amazingly intelligent and observant, and deserving of the right kind of attention. I have enjoyed walking alongside some of these young women from the time they are 14 or 16 and then all the way through college. Sometimes they will come back for a couple of “check-ins” once they have embarked upon their adult life. While life may not be perfect, they have gained some tools throughout their teen years that they can now employ to their benefit as they grow into adulthood. Young women are welcome here.

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