Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery for Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

Substance Abuse Counseling and Seeking Outside Help
  • Is the use of alcohol or drugs causing pain and chaos in your life?
  • Do you find yourself drinking or using drugs when you are supposed to be doing something else like working, spending time with your kids or significant other?
  • Do you find yourself obsessing about when you get that next drink or the next time you can smoke pot or take drugs?
  • Are you changing your schedule to have the opportunity to drink, smoke pot or use other drugs?
  • Do you drink in the morning to feel normal and get your day started?
  • Does it take more to get the same high or buzz?
  • Has a family member or friend told you that your drinking, pot use or drug use is impacting them? Have they asked you to stop?
  • Have you continued using alcohol, pot, or drugs despite already experiencing consequences?
  • Have you put yourself or others in physical danger because of your drinking or use such as drinking/smoking pot while driving, operating heavy equipment, or even using objects like chain saws while under the influence?

If you said yes to even two of these questions, substance abuse counseling could help you.

If you have a problem with drug addiction or alcoholism, or if you are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict seeking outside help, call Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching at 425.652.1690 if we can help.

How Substance Abuse Counseling Works

Substance abuse counseling starts with a thorough assessment. All the clinicians at Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching have been in long term recovery from substance abuse. Fourth Dimension Counseling President and Clinical Director Heidi Kinsella LMHC, SUDP, CSAT-S, CPTT-S, CMAT, CCPS, EAMHP, is licensed in the state of Washington as a Substance Use Provider and can administer substance use assessments. Once the assessment is done, the client will be referred to the appropriate level of treatment than can vary from psychoeducation all the way up to residential inpatient treatment with different levels of outpatient options in-between. 
It is our experience that it is exceedingly difficult to get sober alone. It normally takes a combination of residential inpatient or an intensive outpatient program and a community support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Sometimes, people can become sober by going to see an individual therapist if they immerse themselves into a 12-step program, but for this to work, they must be willing to take initiative and be willing to follow the suggestions of the 12-step program.
What if you have been sober for a while, but life does not seem to be getting better. Have you worked the steps and still find yourself depressed or experiencing high levels of anxiety? Are you wondering what is wrong with you and why you are not experiencing a new freedom and new happiness? Have you worked the steps thoroughly and find yourself finding other ways to self-medicate like binge eating, gambling, overworking or acting out sexually? Does your life feel like the game of whack-a-mole?
Many of us in recovery have been raised in dysfunctional families or have experienced trauma in our lives, either in childhood or even as adults. Some of us have other issues going on such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, or even personality disorders. Many of us have developed other behaviors that have become addictive as we have tried to cope with emotional pain without medicating without drugs and alcohol. Working the steps has helped us get sober, but something is still wrong. AA literature tells us there may be times when we may need to seek outside help from a professional.
All of the therapists and coaches at Fourth Dimension Counseling & Coaching are in recovery, and we too have gotten outside help as part of our journey. We understand the power of working the steps and also understand the importance of proper therapy to address childhood or adult trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, grief, codependency, enmeshment, and the list goes on. These are issues that are outside of the scope of a sponsor. Because we are in recovery ourselves, we are perfectly suited to come up alongside the program and the steps and help you address those outside issues that can only be processed with a trained therapist or counselor.

If you are ready to peel back the next layer of the onion give us a call!

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