Substance abuse has become a leading conundrum in the States. About 52,404 people have died from overdoses of opioids and other forms of hard drugs. Records show that more than 15.1 million people are suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder while close to half the population has been involved in substance abuse.

Many treatments have been put in place to help make this fight possible and accessible by the population. If you are wondering when to seek outside help for substance abuse, then this blog is for you. Here are some ways to know you need professional help.Contact Our Office to Schedule a Consultation

People start taking a substance with the first excuse of experimenting. It starts from a small doe to larger doses. You start from occasionally to frequently and later to higher doses to achieve such stimulation due to body tolerance to the drug. Some drugs like marijuana can lead to higher doses of other drugs. This increment can cause serious health problems, such as long-term brain damage, which is most common in teenagers and young adults, and overdose. If you have an urge to increase the doses due to tolerance of any substance such as drugs or alcohol, seek help pronto.

If you are struggling to get your mind off substance abuse and finding it difficult to do so, You want to go sober but you have no success in doing so. Then it’s time to call for outside help. Trying to get sober alone can make things difficult. It is advisable to get involved in good treatment programs which will help you overcome this drastic change in your behavior.

Substance abuse has several problems for your mind and body. It affects you physically, and drugs like alcohol can cause severe damage to your heart, nerves, and muscles. Others may cause chronic weight loss and undernutrition. Drugs such as cocaine can cause seizures and heart attacks. If you notice this symptom while on regular drug use, seek help.

Substance abuse is a way to get out of a problem for some people. Some people use this drug as a coping mechanism. Substance abuse can tone down your mental health by damaging your brain while in development. Some can cause a downward spiral, making you feel good only when on the substance. If you notice that your struggle is related to your mental health, seek medical attention right away.

Substance abuse is a result of addictiveness. When a certain substance is consumed for a long time, your brain begins to crave it at all times and you might face heavy physical challenges when you abstain from it. These challenges are as a result of withdrawal from such substance usage. Some effects may include vomiting, headache, dizziness and severe pain.

Withdrawal symptoms may be mentally and physically excruciating to go through, but it’s a step in treating such a problem. These symptoms can take a toll on the victim for some days or weeks.

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