Substance abuse counseling?Do We Need Substance Abuse Counseling or Relationship Counseling?

This also known as drug abuse or drug use disorder is the use of psychoactive drugs immoderately, substances such as alcohol, pain medication or illegal drugs. This mostly leads to physical, social and emotional harm, results in unfavorable conditions and consequences. This act has invaded human society and has become the most important damage in society.

Substance abuse is unfortunately quite common amongst teenagers and young adults. People tend to abuse any substance that its ingestion can result in high feeling.

Drug addiction                        

Drug addiction can be said to be substance abuse at its worse. Drug addiction takes time to build up. At this point, you cannot control your use of illegal drugs or alcohol despite adverse consequences.

Symptoms of substance use disorder, substance abuse and drug addiction include

The Need for Substance Abuse Counseling

A substance abuse counselor is a professional that works with people who struggle with substance abuse and also people who have other behavioral problems like eating disorders and gambling addiction. These counselors spend time one-on-one with their patients counseling them about substance abuse and addiction and also help them with treatment plans that help patients recover.

Counselors on this field help patients of substance abuse and addiction to manage both crisis and long-term addiction issues, which could be immediate medical intervention.

Most patients find it difficult in making the decision to seek treatment or help, therefore a great deal of trust is required between patients and their counselors. It is important for counselor to create a strong bond with their patients and this is known as a therapeutic alliance (the trust patients feel with their counselors), which helps patients feel comfortable sorting out their problems and working together with their counselors effectively.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling can also be called couples therapy. This counseling helps the different type of couples to recognize and resolve conflicts, helping to improve their relationships. A professionally trained Counselor listens to your relationship challenges and helps deal with any negative thoughts and feelings also provides guidance towards your relationship growth.

The Need for Relationship Counseling

People mostly see relationship counseling as a thing you do because you have a bad relationship or marriage, but rather it should be seen as reasonable support for building a good enough relationship. This is the best way to avoid a relationship from falling into bad situations.

Relationship counseling is a safe place to discuss issues, these issues when handled by the couple alone can easily lead to ill-temper and fights. In a therapist or counselors room, a good counselor allows each person to have their say, airing out feelings that have not been heard in too long without taking sides.


It is important for people with substance use disorder, substance abuse and drug addiction to seek help from a doctor, therapist or a counselor. Drug abuse and addiction is very high in adolescent and thereby requires immediate intervention.

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Fourth Dimension Counseling substance abuse counseling substance use disorder help therapy for drugs and alcohol or alcoholism Seattle Tacoma Kirkland WA