What is Betrayed Partners Counseling?

Finding out that your partner has sexually betrayed you is a complete shock to your system.  It effects every aspect of your life, including your mental and physical health.  Betrayed partners find themselves overwhelmed, anxious and unable to concentrate.  The intrusive throughs of their significant other being sexual with another person, (whether it be in person, through texting, talking, emailing, pornography or any other way,) are never-ending. These thoughts intrude on their workday, their time with their children, their sleep.  They find themselves feeling physically exhausted, having headaches, body aches and other physical symptoms.  Their emotions are raw and their patience is shot and they find themselves yelling at their children for no good reason. Research shows that the impact of betrayal trauma is consistent with  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Many partners say,” Why should I get counseling??!!!  You are the one who did this!  You go fix it!!!”  You are right!   You didn’t cause this, but unfortunately the trauma has already been done to you.  Our experience is that whether you decide to stay or go, the impact of betrayal trauma has already happened and the best way to limit lasting damage is to get therapy focused on betrayal trauma early in an effort to process the trauma and limit as much long lasting damage as possible.

Betrayed Partners Counseling

The decision is stay in the relationship after sexual betrayal is a deeply personal decision.  If your partner is a sex addict then staying and allowing your significant other a chance to get treatment and recovery is honorable.  The decision to leave after being lied to and cheated on for years is also honorable and completely reasonable.  Betrayed Partners Counseling is a focused on helping you heal through the betrayal trauma.  Techniques to assist in this healing are EMDR, psycho-education, grounding techniques, boundary work, self care, self esteem work (if needed), getting a community of support including a partner’s group and traditional talk therapy.  This is important work whether you decide to stay and try to heal your relationship, or whether you decide to leave because without this therapy, there is a great chance that you will take this betrayal trauma wound into the next relationship.

Who Needs Betrayed Partners Counseling?

This counseling category focuses on those who are enduring or have, in the past, endured disloyalty and infidelity in relationships.

Effects of Betrayals

A betrayed partner may find themselves experience needless anxiety, emotional insecurity, depression, low self-esteem, anger issues, P.T.S.D., unhappiness, frequent mood swings, overwhelming regret, and drug abuse.

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