Pornography addiction is a fight most people are undergoing. This act is shameful to most people, so they conceal it from other people. Excessive pornographic viewing, like drugs and gambling, can lead to a behavioral disorder. When you begin to face some of the challenges listed below, and then it is time to seek counseling.

When to Seek Counseling for Pornography Addiction

Sexual health signs are the easiest way to know that you’re suffering from pornography addiction. The older people get, the lower their urge for sexual pleasures. However, this is bad when you are able to get an erection watching porn and not in a real-life situation. Constantly viewing porn makes your brain circuit work against you, leading to premature ejaculation, loss of sensation during sex, and the inability to sustain an erection.

When you start experiencing such a problem, it is best to seek help from a medical professional who specializes in sexual concerns. You can also relate your problem to a trusted friend or primary care doctor. This will help you have control over the addiction.

Another way to know it’s time to seek professional help is when you are constantly afraid of being caught watching porn. Finding yourself during late hours in the bathroom every time or sneaking off work during work hours is a major sign of porn addiction.

You can put the blame on others that prevent you from watching porn. You referred to them as the “uptight people. However, you know within yourself that you have crossed the line in your sexual health.

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Guilt is another way to know you are addicted and it is time for help. Online porn can either set you free or trap you in an endless cycle of online porn addiction. Most people distract themselves from reality by presenting shabby excuses to cover their emotions. However, continuation of this addiction will make you worse in the end.

After each porn session, you’ll be faced with a quilt of shame and all by yourself. This will make you feel worse and might lead to further addiction to pornography. When this begins to happen, then it is time to meet the counselor, as this will be a step to break the cycle of guilt and shame.

Porn addiction usually escalates in a short time. This will lead to a hypersexual disorder which will require the use of more porn videos. When you begin to view pornography videos frequently and increase, then it is time to seek help. This act can lead to illegal or extreme porn that will damage your ethics. Excessive watching of porn causes the brain to crave more porn stimulation, which will result in watching more videos to reach a certain level of stimulation.

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The bottom line

Often, watching porn doesn’t make you an addict, but the fact that you are unable to stop the behavior makes you an addict. If you face difficulty stopping, then seek help from a mental health expert specializing in treating compulsions, addictions, and sexual dysfunction.

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