Intimacy is important both to humans and animals because we are sociable creatures, who survive on personal relationships with others. The word intimacy always portrays images of romantic relationships, however, the word can also happen in personal friendships, parent-child relationships, and siblinghood. Intimacy gives a sense of security and comfort. It demonstrates the love between partners and when we are left without it, we seem to feel barren and lonely. A relationship with the absence of intimacy is a frigid and desolate place.

Emotional intimacy4 Types of Intimacy

This is about feeling safe and sharing your emotions. This is trusting in your partner to offer comfort instead of hiding in your insecurities. The strengthening of emotional intimacy is broken down into three concepts: the first is to slow down, then keeping it simple, and lastly sharing what’s heavy to let out. In letting out how you feel be considerate, and when you talk, carefully study your emotions so you can convey your message to your partner as direct and potent opinions. Depending on qualifiers to pad out your intense feelings is not advisable. But instead, learn to get right to the core of your complete honesty. And overhead all, don’t be scared to be vulnerable. You have to risk your emotions so your heart can be seen.

Mental intimacy

Mental intimacy can be considered as a discussion of the minds. Feeling comfortable, sharing opinions and understandings even when you disagree. This can happen in people syncing together to act, bounding during leisure activities, parents working together with their kids for a school project. What this does; it’s fulfilling, defying, and probably stimulating, creating imagines of you both having a great time and carousing in the Caribbean. Mental intimacy can also be considered to be lengthy talks about movies, places, vacations, or about the career you both are in, or whatever matters to you. However, having a discussion that fuels both of you, probably discussing a business investment you expect to undertake together or a passion you share with your partner. Be certain to spend a considerable amount of your meetings connecting, which will stimulate your mental intimacy. Partners should continue to involve in trivial cheerful games that don’t hurt, like playing board or other games against your partner.

Spiritual intimacy

Spiritual intimacy can be a little complicated because it’s unique for two people in a relationship or friendship to be closely in touch with their spirituality. Regardless, spirituality can be of many forms or expressions. It can be a code of norms or morals, against other spiritual languages or techniques. You can find spiritual intimacy by explaining to your partner what your spirituality means to you and your relationship. This can help increase the spirituality of a partner.

spiritual intimacy can also be encouraged with your partner by binding in a peaceful, touching moment. If you are captured on a moment that feels ‘spiritual’ to you, share the joy with your partner. Furthermore, find other ways in which your partner expresses deep spirituality; might be through their actions or the principles they live by.

Sexual intimacy

Physical intimacy is the love language partners speak well, which is great but it’s not much of interest. Many people build their specialty on the physical touch aspects. Physical intimacy is mostly about going with the flow, being in the moment, loosening yourself into it, sharing, and expressing how good you feel.

It’s all in getting a connection, warmth, the sharing and receiving of amusement, and intimacy. Go for what feels good to both of you.

Practicing all these types of intimacy will get you both connected. Contact Fourth Dimension Counseling for all intimacy therapy in the Seattle area.

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