People who develop PTSD have witnessed something shocking like abuse, rape, war, etc. living through this experience is complex and results in trauma. Consequently, it becomes a mental health condition that frightens every patient to experience a traumatic incident. How PTSD Can Affect Relationships

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens to people differently, causing different reactions from individuals. An incident that might cause PTSD includes an experience of a family tragedy or been through abuse, or even an experience of war.

The type of incident experienced determines the traumatic reaction from the patient. For example, a patient’s behavior that undergoes a sexual incident differs from war or accident.

Another trigger of PTSD is through relationships. The patient’s mental health depends on how you keep your relationships. Different events cause different PTSD reactions; likewise, various symptoms and challenges will be experienced.

There is no call for alarm or guilt when you have such trauma. This trauma can be handled and improved on with time.

Can PTSD affect your relationships?

PTSD is not a self-inflicted condition, and you should not be blamed for how it affects your relationship. But PTSD can be managed to improve the way you interact with your partner and others.

Your relationship with others may be difficult due to lack of communication that results in anxiousness about relationship experiences. The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs put out that roughly 5 t0 10% of people with PTSD go through a tough time in their relationships. These areas involve;


Intimacy is a close relationship, either emotional or sexual, or both. Intimacy involves discussing your emotions and fulfilling each other’s needs.

But prolonged PTSD symptoms can harm a relationship. These symptoms include;

Sexual interest

The effect of PTSD on your sexual life is complicated. This scenario can be affected by the reason for your trauma. For instance, if your trauma trigger is sexual, then sex might be something that frightens you, weakening your sexual drive.

The cause of this trauma might lead to a lack of trust and feeling comfortable intimately with your partner. The case might also lead to hypersexuality, according to studies. This condition is when a partner tends to be sexually active, which is difficult to curb and may be forceful.


Relationships are mostly about communication which affects your relationships negatively or positively. The trauma can lead to a bad temper and emotional chaos with your partner.

You might also don’t enjoy communicating with people at all. You may prefer to stay in isolation, not expressing your feelings. These behaviors are a roadblock in building relationships


Avoiding social gatherings and discussion is another trigger caused by PTSD. This avoidance is a way to prevent activities, people, or situations that seem like a déjà vu to the traumatic incident. This harms relationships as specific issues can’t be discussed by you.

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