Sexual betrayal is one thing that can leave a person devastated in a relationship because sex has been considered as being sacred in a relationship. The fact is that these people who experience sexual infidelity from their spouse are not really affected by the sex itself, what affects them is the fact that their trust has been broken. However, before we go further, let’s learn more about sexual betrayal.

What is sexual betrayal?Can Sexual Betrayal Cause PTSD?

Sexual betrayal goes beyond having sex with some other person who isn’t your partner, it also involves watching porn and getting addicted to it, going to strip club to watch strippers, sexting, etc. Ever caught your partner in bed with another person or caught your spouse watching porn and even masturbating at the same time? The feeling is devastating and you will be crushed emotionally because you never thought your partner could betray you sexually. Due to the trauma, most people get depressed and it will have a lasting effect.

Certainly, you never thought that sexual betrayal can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but yes it can. However, according to research, most women who suddenly discovered their partners were cheating on them suffered from symptoms of acute stress which was similar to symptoms of PTSD. These betrayed partners suffer emotionally for a long time and below are the symptoms that a sexually betrayed person exhibits which are similar to that of PTSD.

Emotional outburst and mood swing

When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, your first reaction might be to burst into tears because you feel betrayed and your heart is broken. The tears come often and it becomes almost a normal thing to you, from then you begin to get mood swings. Sometimes you are full of rage, next you are sad, and sometimes you feel miserable.

Apportioning blames

When you begin to look for who to blame for your misfortune, then you are getting depressed. Instead of blaming your partner, you blame everyone around you, which is not a good sign. Most people even go as far as blaming themselves for their partner’s infidelity and this drives them crazy further.

Getting confused and disoriented

It has become a norm for people who are sexually betrayed to get confused often. When you can’t get the scene out of your mind or you always find yourself thinking about it, then you become disoriented and confused.

All of this leads to stress and depression, and once you fall into depression, coming out of it may become difficult.

Can sexual betrayal lead to PTSD?

The answer is yes because the pain and hurt that one feels inside will make you want to scream and moving on might be a problem. The way you feel after being betrayed by your loved one is the same symptoms as one who is suffering from PTSD. The emotional trauma and the thoughts are what gets you depressed and you need to understand why you are suffering so you can come out of depression.

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