Anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear. Anxiety affects your mental, emotional and physical health triggering negative and disturbing thoughts. Anxiety can make you lose control through sweating, trembling, or difficulty in breathing.

Managing anxiety11 Simple Tips on Treating Anxiety

Some of the management options for anxiety disorders include:

Learning about anxiety

Knowing anxiety will boost recovery. During this procedure, your physiological senses will be tested to examine how the body reacts to such dangerous situations. Anxiety can be triggered by harmless situations and education is the best way to control symptoms.


An anxious person can be trapped in an anxiety-provoking moment. Having a mindful mind will guide you through the process and bring you back to reality. And also help avoid things that could lead to such moments.

Relaxation techniques

The rate of perturbation increases as anxiety begins to set in. Knowing how to calm oneself during such a moment is difficult for an anxious person.

Relaxation strategies include:

Appropriate breathing methods

Hyperventilation is the primary risk factor of anxiety. The condition increases the oxygen levels and decreases the quality of carbon dioxide which is responsible for body reaction during the panic. To breathe correctly means to breathe slowly using the abdomen instead of in the chest.

Cognitive and Behaviour therapy

Cognitive therapy deals with the trigger by changing the way of thinking or beliefs. Cognitive therapy includes techniques such as self-talk, attention training, reality testing, and cognitive restructuring. The training focus on changing your negative perspective about fears and beliefs.

Behavior therapy focuses on helping you face your fears. This allows you to train the way you react to danger or on situations that trigger anxiety.

Dietary adjustments

Dietary that contains minerals such as magnesium, vitamin B, and calcium helps the body to relax and lack of this mineral can cause anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Your primary meal should be made of cereals, green vegetables, and low-fat dairy products.


Anxiety is physically caused by the flight-or-fight response. This condition increases the level of adrenaline or another stress stimulus in the body. Exercise is focused on reducing stress chemicals and boosting relaxation. You can manage anxiety by performing some physical activities.

Building self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a condition suffered by most anxious people. The feeling of worthlessness can increase the level of anxiety in a person. This can also reduce the way you interact with people and stimulate the fear of harsh judgment. The problem of low self-esteem can result from;


Medications are usually offered as a short-term measure in fighting anxiety. Drugs such as tranquilizers or antidepressants are recommended to help manage anxiety. This prescription is given before other options are carried out.

Support groups

Support groups are another way to help fight anxiety. The support group is like a social network focused on creating comfort and safety, giving you support in every way to overcome your anxiety.

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