5 Foods That can Actually Lift your Mood and Lower Inflammation

Many superfoods have great benefits, however, some can even lower inflammation. Diet is part of the daily dose the body needs to function properly. When you embark on a diet journey, your health improves rapidly. A diet combines smart foods that can lift mood and lower inflammation. A diet bowl that can perform this task efficiently should contain fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts, omega-3-fatty acids. To lower inflammation, you must reduce processed and packaged foods. A food choice of fruits and vegetables mixed with whole grains and lean meats will improve mood and be suitable for physical and mental health all while also helping to lower inflammation. The process by which food works in our body is complex, but a more reason not to depend on one source of food or nutrients. We have taken the time to bring out many common foods that can combat inflammation and mood swings.

5 Super Foods to Lift Your Mood and Lower Inflammation


Vegetables are of many types, including leafy greens and fibre vegetables. Eating good vegetables reduces depression, which will, in turn, lift your mood. When you wake up in a bad mood, remember that vegetables contain various vitamins, minerals, and fibre, which work against lousy mood and inflammation. The experts recommend consuming 2 to 3 cups of vegetables each day.

Dark Chocolate

It may be surprising, but a bar of chocolate can brighten the day. Chocolate is known to lower the odds of depression. Chocolate contains polyphenols which are potent antioxidants and can improve inflammation resistance. Candy also has properties that cause euphoria, which creates a positive mood. However, the cocoa concentration matters if you intend to go shopping for a chocolate bar. Shop for the darkest chocolate in the store with the least sugar and a high amount of cocoa. Those with excess sugar can cause spikes and crashes, leading to mood swings. Go for bars with 85% cocoa and ensure it’s organic.


When feeling blue, head out and get a tuna, mackerel or other fish containing fatty acids to lift the mood. These foods contain omega-3-fatty acid, which is a mood booster and is missing in our body. In addition, the food choice is good at messing with the brain chemicals responsible for mood swings – dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals alter the body’s reaction to actions, making them good mood boosters.


Coffee contains caffeine, and taking a cup can help you in times of bad mood. The tea has the ability to make the body feel and enjoy the present by reacting to neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine. Although coffee tends to cause anxiety or a jittery feeling, it is also a good conductor of tiredness. But the black tea has been proven to work as a mood stimulator and can even lower inflammation.


Blueberries are high in antioxidant agents compared to fruits and vegetables. Berries are a mood booster, lower inflammation, maintaining brain health, and improving memory. There are anti-inflammatory chemicals in the fruit, which is the reason it is used in treating PTSD and other mental issues.

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