5 Instant Ways to Improve Your Mood

Improving your mood may seem like a long process, however, there are a few things you can do to improve your mood instantly. Many people struggle with low mood and anxiety due to the increasing cost of living, economic crisis, cold-dark winter, etc. This article is a simple guide on how to boost your mood during these hard times. The points are actionable and would only take a few minutes. However, the activities do not require us to pretend that all is well or not have real negative feelings. It is normal to have a whole rainbow of emotions. Feeling anxious, upset, angry, or confused is okay, but boosting your mood is better. Here are some psychologically based activities to help improve your mode and flourish.

What are Feel-good Chemicals?

There are feel-good chemicals or happy hormones in the body. These hormones – oxytocin and chemical messengers like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins regulate your moods. Oxytocin is a love hormone that improves trust and bonding with one another. Serotonin helps fight depression by regulating moods. Endorphin relieves pain and stress and contributes to pleasurable activities, like eating and exercise. Dopamine is the rewarding part of the brain. You can feel it when your brain is expecting a reward, and it helps improve focus, motivation, and happiness. These chemicals are natural in the body, but some things can prevent the release, leading to mood swings.

Here are some natural ways to improve your mood instantly.

  1. Smiling

Smiling is an easy way to make the body feel happy. The act signals the body to feel happy even when you’re sad. A comedy movie or clip will crack you up. Remember that laughter is the best medicine.

  1. Listen to Upbeat Music

Listening to upbeat music triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine to spark the feeling of joy. Upbeat music keeps the body motivated throughout the day. In addition, you can sing or dance along, allowing the music to inspire you. The activity will release endorphins in the brain to help relieve pain and boost mood.

  1. Exercise

Taking a stroll or walk can improve your mood. The activity is suitable for physical and mental well-being. It increases positive emotions and decreases the body’s stress response. Exercising improves mood and unites your senses with nature. It is best to exercise outdoors. While walking in the open, you can hear birdsong, a breeze, and other enjoyable sounds. These scenarios help you forget your worries by living in the present. Indulging in a five-minute exercise will help get your heart rate up and boost your mood.

  1. Diet

Different foods boost moods, thus making foods a great way to improve your mood. You can start with food, like vegetables, vitamins and minerals. These foods work on the happy hormones and increase their secretion in the brain. In addition, diet keeps the body in an excellent stage and helps the brain function properly.

  1. Talk to a Friend

Remaining connected to family or friends will improve your mood. Schedule some time to catch up with friends on what’s bothering you. Talking about the situation will make you feel better, and you’ll receive explanations from different perspectives. However, ensure your friends have the right headspace to help with your problem.

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