How to Deal with Anxiety About Going Back to an Office After COVID

Work is back worldwide after the pandemic that rocked for almost a year and lead to anxiety of all kinds. Covid-19 is a disease that has given people a long break from work, and the idleness is taking a toll on us. A publication informed the public that many workers are anxious about returning to the office after the lockdown. After working from home for so long, it may be hard to get back to the old way of working; the sense of socialization and work is defeated. The condition is becoming rampant as more and more workers complain of mental suffering due to the lockdown. However, there are common ways to deal with the pressure and tension, and here are a few.

Be kind to yourself

Times are challenging for everyone because of distress and uncertainty. The usual way is workers spend their time working from home, and the thought of resuming the office can trigger anxiety. Our brain may consider the subject a threat to the body. The way to deal with this is to be kind to yourself. Take yourself on a treat and realize it’s okay to feel tense. Don’t rush the return but go gently back to work. It may take time to get used to the old ethics and keep things simple.

Discuss with your manager and co-workers

Your manager and colleagues are the closest people you can relate your work anxiety with. Some co-workers may feel the same way, and keeping others aware of your health concerns can save a life. However, having this conversation in the workplace may sound awkward and challenging, but opening up may cause relief.

Maintain a good daily routine

A good routine to follow each day will take the lockdown pressure off your shoulders. Maintain a positive routine by including things to be happy about and embracing the little things of life. These activities are great mental boosters and a good way to fight anxiety. So spend some time off and on work to perform activities that make you happy. Also, remember to follow the routine for a long time to master the act of returning to work.


Planning is a comfortable way to return to work. The plan should include activities that keep the spirit calm during and after work. And meditation is the best way to calm an anxious body. The act supplies energy to the brain resulting in a mental boost. Mediation has been proven to be a subtle way to fight stress and anxiety. In addition, the act clears the information consuming the brain caused by daily routine and stress.

Seek professional treatment for anxiety if you feel it is needed

Professionals are there to help people suffering from anxiety. These people have taken their time to train and perfect the acts of fighting stress and anxiety and are ready to help. They have experience and can offer advice and support. You can speak to your GP, who may direct you to a specialist like a therapist or a consultant.

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