Why Humans Actually Crave Chaos – and How That’s Bad

Every human, once in a lifetime, gets the feeling of creating chaos. People who actually end up making one find it amusing. But honestly, no one enjoys global chaos like the pandemic or other chaotic life-changing events. But once they occur, they can leave, but a stain of chaos will remain, which is why humans can’t stay calm when things begin to calm down. The truth is that everyone wishes to cause confusion, but only a few become addicted to it. The act may not be on a wide scale but may be personal. Nonetheless, the roller coaster can become a way of life, making it challenging to give up. It becomes a reason humans crave chaos, especially when life is good.

Why humans crave chaos

Humans enjoy struggling. Some see it as a way of finding life’s purpose, which is a major reason for causing chaos. Struggling is a way of giving meaning to people; they will have something to fight for. The way people crave drugs or alcohol is the same way addicts crave chaos. They have a physical and psychological feeling of satisfaction or gratification after engaging in the act. Once we have an experience, we’ll want more. Chaos has the same path. Chaos even gives energy to people, which reduces stress and anxiety. Some say the act makes them feel alive and free. It is also a way to be in control, especially for a controlling person. Unfortunately, the scenario creates a path to show power and force to take charge of the situation. As a result, the addiction can become worse, creating a vicious circle.

As funny as it may sound, chaos is triggered when things are good, seeking a way to receive sympathy, gratitude, and admiration. Some people even go as far as becoming heroes for creating a chaotic scene. The matter may not be apparent to a non-chaotic person, but the satisfaction from the scene releases endorphins and dopamine, which creates a feeling of excitement. The excitement makes it pleasurable and creates the craving for more. On the other hand, some people claim to be the victim of causing chaos and see it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Effects Of Chaos On You And Those You Love

Chaos does not pass by without causing damage eventually to yourself and others in some cases. The act is a primary cause of stress and sober thrill. It also means physically and mentally rising blood pressure, deprived sleep patterns, heightened cortisol levels, and caused chronic inflammation. These problems can become long term making you want more chaos. You will also lose concentration, healthy relationships, and anxiety disorder and heritable by kids. Kids with toxic parents are connected with poor school grades and anxiety, which can continue to adulthood. The incident has a high impact on relationships, whether romantic or friendship. People who live with a chaotic person are usually afraid of losing their life—having a relationship with such a person puts loved ones at risk. They may be attacked because of the collateral damage caused by your chaos.

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