The January Blues – How to Find Joy in the New Year

January blues are caused by the cold weather and reduction in sunlight leading to vitamin D deficiency and low energy levels. In addition, you may have a feeling of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because of the stress from Christmas and the high expectation in January. Finally, the financial strain and money worries make January a long month, especially when you’re waiting for payday. However, there is something to indulge in to find joy in the New Year and keep January blues at bay.

How to Find Joy During the January Blues?

  1. Embrace winter activities

January is the perfect time to be active or join a gym. Exercise is the perfect medication you need for upliftment. It may be challenging to start but indulging in exercise increases endorphins flow leading to mood upliftment. In addition, exercise reduces your guilt about Christmas spending. However, you must be on time to register at a gym because January is when resolution markers pack the gyms. In essence, you can go to the gym or perform outdoor activities to fight the January blues.

  1. Take a trip

Taking a trip is a good way to uplift your mood and fight New Year’s depression and January blues. You should go on a trip somewhere sunny to get enough vitamin D responsible for lifting the mood. If you lack finances, you can go on a short trip. In addition, according to science, searching and planning a trip alone can improve mood. Studies suggest you experience pre-trip happiness, a mood booster filling you with anticipation of enjoyment. In essence, if you can’t afford to visit a sunny place, you can go online and make trip searches for your next plan.

  1. Avoid Unrealistic New Year’s resolutions

Unrealistic New Year’s resolutions are prevalent causes of January blues. Ensure your resolutions are achievable to avoid failure leading to worse behaviors and mood swings. For example, don’t make a resolution to make huge impossible money. Instead, plan on gradually making adequate money for upkeep. However, ensure your resolutions are realistic by listing things you can stick to improve yourself. Such a realistic flow will reduce disappointment caused by slower progress or giving up.

  1. Warm-up

There is healing power in feeling warmth during the coldest months. Warmth comforts our bodies. In essence, it is important to seek the sun when facing January blues. You can hold on to a cup of tea, coffee, or chocolate to fight the anxiety. In addition, you can take a soak in a warm

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