The problem presented by the Covid-19 pandemic can cause depression in all of us. This depression will become along with fear, anxiety, and grief. This can take a toll on children, leading to poor emotion due to a lack of specific activities such as socialization.Why Teenagers Need Counseling Right Now More Than Ever

Many children have lost one or more love ones to this pandemic. An estimate of 40,000 children is facing this tragic loss. This pandemic has also deprived some families of their jobs.  And many supportive established such as schools, communities, and hear care centers have collapsed during this pandemic. With this catastrophe happening, racism has increased, and xenophobia has increased, especially to the Asian race in the course that Covid-19 started from China.

Even with the guidelines, protective measures, digital care and vaccines available for those of age, the depression caused by this pandemic may keep hunting the young mind of this of children and teens.

It’s advisable to keep an eye on your child to observe a sign of depression. It is proper to consult your pediatrician when you notice this struggle.

The Importance Of Counselling

Counseling is one of the best ways for children to unwind during this pandemic. It’s an opportunity for children to talk on a personal level with a guardian. Even as an adult, this pandemic is a stressful time. A counselor can show the kid away to happiness by making them feel empowered and more decisive.  With this therapy, the pat can be left behind, on more effort will be focused on moving forward.

During the awful phase, a child may get addicted, and the counselor will prescribe medication and drink to help maintain everyday life. This prescription is there to help guild you as you transmit into a new phase. Children who are victims of drug abuse are not bad kids, but just a habit caused by depression, and a little encouragement from a counselor can override this feeling. Covid-19 has brought a curse on the feeling of our kids and can lead to suicidal tendencies. These medications can also reduce such feelings and thought.

Counseling is more focused on healing an individual. There are also some group sessions available to relate with those in the same phase. These counselors can be found in the hospital and other public places.

Why Counseling Helps Teens with Depression

Counseling is a natural place to air out your concerns without been judged. Sometimes children find it difficult to express their feelings to their parents or guardian. Having a session with an approved counselor helps. And also, a psychiatrist might be the further treatment that your counselor will recommend. Thus psychiatrists are there to prescribe medication if necessary. These medications are formulated to lessen the tendency of depression.


For a closing statement, remember to encourage communication with your child, love ones, or friends. Don’t shy away from sharing how you feel and what you’re going through with your pediatrician. They can also advise you on ways to maintain your mental health and your loved ones during hard times.

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