There is some fog on the difference between a life coach and a counselor. Although they are seen as stepsiblings, they are just connected by their family name. Even though both have many similarities, there are still some differences in their traits. Here is how a life coach is different from a counselor:

Coaching is for Action, while Counseling is for Coping:

You visit a life coach when you feel stuck in life, about to switch careers, stressed, or when you’re facing a difficult problem. These incidents can get you depressed and frustrated in life, resulting in low self-confidence. The life coach is there to motivate you and create a clearer vision of your target, bringing out the best version of yourself. Life coaches are also effective in other situations where you procrastinate and waste time and need a new plan to put your life back on track.

The counselor helps you cope with such a situation. Counseling shows you the effective measures to overcome such a situation without changing yourself. They create a safe space where you can reveal all your problems and secrets without being judged. The counseling procedure is like a stepping stone to get you over your melancholy life.

Feeling and Thinking

A life coach can assist you in introducing your goals and thinking about them with you.Thinking is a challenging act, but encourages people to overcome a situation while tapping their potential. Counselors assist in bringing out the inner feelings that are causing the pain. They focus on understanding your reasons while trying to restore your peace.

Goal-centric vis-à-vis Clarity-centric:

Life coaches are good at providing a clear vision for a client to achieve their set goals, while the counselor provides an atmosphere where you can reveal where you’re stuck and offer support to liberate yourself.

Training and Certification:

Counselors are decorated with many master’s and doctorate degrees and are certified by their individual states. Life coaches are licensed by an approved program such as the International Coaching Federation, and they are not given any degree. Life coaching does not involve extensive training in individual training or online modules. But it involves extensive training on human emotions and thinking, followed by training from a supervisor. It is easier to become one of these professions in the UK compared to the US. While in places like India, psychology is a necessary course to become a counselor or a coach.


The main difference between the two is that coaching provides assistance to achieve your goal. Those that go for coaching are presumed to be healthy mentally and physically and are ready to achieve their goal through proper guidance and direction from an expert. In summary, life coaching is a form of treatment that motivates and inspires an individual to plan, change, and update their personal life.

On the other hand, counseling provides a safe space and implores supportive measures that give you the freedom to express yourself and ask questions that will set you free. They help by discovering your problems and giving solid support to you while you act on them.

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