Mentally Dealing with PTSD After a Major Medical Issue

Have you ever had a sudden heart attack that you had to be rushed to the ICU? Or have you ever been involved in a horrifying accident that you barely survived? These incidents caused some damage to the brain resulting in sudden freight. The damages are typical for such circumstances. But the trauma left by these incidents is considered a medical condition.Mentally Dealing with PTSD After a Major Medical Issue

Participating in social activities or daily tasks will be challenging in the early stages. You’ll feel less motivated to go to work, or school, or anything that causes flashbacks from trauma. You begin to fall back to an isolation zone. These incidents may go on for a few months. But if you’re still experiencing these emotions after many months, you may have PTSD.

PTSD is an acronym for post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health condition experienced by some victims involved in a life-threatening situation such as shock, ICD, heart attack, natural disasters, accidents, or sexual violence. This behavior is hard on the victim and the family. If a family member, friend, or relative is experiencing PTSD, it may directly or indirectly affect close relations. This condition causes victims to act abnormally to some things like nightmares or social events. Most patients become scared to come out, walk on the street or even avoid loved ones.

Reactions to trauma

Each family member reacts differently to a traumatic patient or event. These strange behaviors can result in misunderstandings in communication and other problems. However, you can understand each other by observing some reactions and how they affect the family and the life of who you’re helping to cope. Here are some common behaviors to observe after a traumatic event.


These are some weird behaviors you’ll be experiencing, but on the bright side, many families have experienced stronger bonds from such situations. However, it is best to consult a professional to help the family through the struggle.

It is important to know that behavior varies for victims and family members. However, some behaviors may be agitating and cause a crash, leading to separation in the family. These times can be confusing; it is beneficial to allow a person to have a personal space to carry out their grief. Learning to observe and adapt to every one’s behavior is the first step to maintaining peace and love in the family.

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